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Friday, 9 September 2016

Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad, India

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Local SEO Tips - Optimizing Business Site Locally

How can you do local SEO for your business website?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing the site for good local search results. It is process in which the site is optimized within a limited geographical area. For instance, local business owners who provide services within a small city, state or region can optimize their website to get connected to local customers in that respective city, state or region. So, is local seo difficult to implement? Do I have to look for seo service provider who can optimize the site for better local search results? Well, I would say, no. You do not have to hire an SEO professional or a team for that.

Most of the times, you can do this on your own. Yes, you really do not have to take the help of any seo expert for this. Optimizing the website for gaining prominence in local search engine results is very easy. Today, I am going to explain how you can do Local SEO on site to promote the site and be able to gain more number of customers online.

Learn a bit of on-page seo

Every business owner should first know a little about on-page seo. Please, do not think, that it would take more of your time. No, it will not take much time. It is very simple. On page is all about adding right title, description and keywords. You do not have to do anything. Just simply ask your developer to add the title, description and keywords to your site.

How do I know which title, description, keywords are suitable for my site?

To know more of how the title, description and keywords should be, I would suggest you take a look at few of the sites of your competitors or just simply search in google with the keywords that is more relevant to your business or which you believe the customers will type in search box when searching for any type of service that you provide.

For instance, if you are running a coffee shop then search for the coffee shops from your local area. Just take a look at how they have presented themselves. To know more of their on-page, view their page source (right click to view page source). You can check various sites and come to know of what to add for your site to improve your on-page seo of the site.

Google Map Results

Get on Google Map. It is very important. If you are not Google Map then your local seo may not be effective. Get listed and get verified. Local customers prefer local service providers. Well, selecting the title or business name, make sure you use the most popular keyword related to your business. For instance, for business owners who sell laptops or provide other laptop repair services, they can add their business name as “Best Laptop Sellers” or “Best Laptop Services” “Local Laptop Repairers” etc. Of course, adding the right business name is recommended but if you consider it from SEO point of view then adding a relevant keyword in “title or business name field” is very helpful. Because, the moment, the searchers search for “local laptop repairers,” the map may push your site on top in the results as the keyword searched by the searcher is an exact copy of the title or your business name. Do not think it is spam. In fact, it is what Google may like.

Once the business is added to the map then it is time to optimize the listing results. Embed the map on the site and other blogs which you run. Try to promote the url of the business address on Map through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr etc. This you optimize the results, your site will be shown first to the searchers for the map results.

Local Directories

Look for local business directories. If you are operating from Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds Nottingham etc then search for the local and national directories which let you get listed for free. Getting listed in Yellow Pages and other popular business directories is what can make it easier for you to get to the topmost position easily.

Promoting Content

Create useful content, keeping in mind some basic local keywords which can be good for your local seo. For example, if you are providing Web Designing Services in Sheffield or Bath then make sure you use relevant city-based keywords so that you can get good ranking in Google. Use of keywords in the right manner may not harm you (use of 3-4 keywords in an article of about 500-600 words is suggested by the experts). But, if the content is created stuffing a large number of keywords then this might not bring any good results. This will even harm the site’s position. It is also possible that Search engine may lash the site, throw it into its e-dustbins (the site may get wiped out completely from organic searches).

Use YouTube

I personally feel, anyone using YouTube for good local listings can certainly overcome the competition and be on top for sure. But, what matters is again right content, videos which can represent business in the right way, promote and differentiate it from others. For every video you upload, make use of the right set of keywords. Do not use repetitive keywords. Keywords used for one particular video should not be used for other videos. Focus on long-tail phrases with the city name attached to it so that those phrases can push search engine to rank you in a right way.

What if I my competitors use the same strategies that I am using????

Well, knowledge is free and anyone can implement the best local seo practices to enhance the website position locally. If your competitors are copying what you are doing then it is time to tweak your marketing strategies. I have a lot of marketing plans which I share with you which can help you market your site in the best way and be different from others. Of course, what I am going to share with you may get copied again but then we can come up with something new as well. To know more of marketing strategies which can differentiate you from others or which can bring customers to site, increase sales then please, email me to I will respond to you sooner than you can expect. So, do not wait, email me to get the best local seo tips and tricks that can work like magic and increase your local business presence to the limitless extent.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Affiliate Marketing: Does it really work?

What is affiliate marketing? Does this affiliate marketing work? Can it be possible to earn being an affiliate? How much can I expect to receive through affiliate marketing? These are the few questions which I am going to answer in this post today. So, let us begin without wasting any more time.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate is a type of marketing in which the affiliate receives amount of money through publishers. Let me explain with an example. Just think Mr A has got a great blog with over 1 million subscribers. Now, on his blog Mr A placed links of some products or services provided by some other business owners (or business sites such as GoDaddy , Amazon, Ebay etc). Visitors visiting the blog of Mr A see the ad of this particular service or product and click on it to reach the advertiser’s site. And if they make a purchase then Mr A receives some amount of money. Here, the advertiser shares some part of the revenue with Mr A.

Mr A is an affiliate, the publisher. Advertisers are the entrepreneurs who pay him for sending targeted traffic to the site. They place the ads on an affiliate site. Pay affiliate on the basis of the total number of people who come through the affiliate site and make a purchase. That’s simple.

Looking at the past

The story of its beginning is very interesting. The credit of it goes to Amazon’s Founder, Jeff Bezos. The story goes like this: The founder of Amazon was talking to a lady at the party who was a writer. She wanted to sell her book through her site but was not interested in becoming a merchant. The founder of Amazon came up with the idea of linking her site to Amazon and earning commission on every book sold.  And as early as 1999 the birth of affiliate marketing created a buzz in the market.

Does this affiliate marketing work?

I really works. If you running a site and have good amount of traffic then it is time you delve into this marketing to earn extra income through blog. There are big ecommerce players, financial service providers, IT companies which run affiliate programs. You can find one of the best sites and enroll for the affiliate program. They can certainly pay more.

Many of the business sites, especially ecommerce sites run affiliate programs because this type of marketing helps them reach out to more number of customers easily. This even simplifies their marketing efforts as they do not have to worry more over driving traffic to the site. They offer high-traffic sites to become an affiliate and promote their products or services. Many of the companies which run affiliate programs tend to share 10-20% of the revenue with their affiliates. Some companies share even bigger than that when they see constant increase in decent traffic to their sites and an increase in their bottom-line.

“Earning through affiliate programs is simple,” is it really true?

Well, if anyone says that earning online through your site or blog by being an affiliate is simple then, I am sorry to say but they are not telling you the truth. There can be an ounce of truth in it but 7 out of ten affiliates face problems in earning decent income through it. I must say there are many sites which run these types of programs but they are those which have been in business over 2-5 years or so. For beginner, it can be patience-testing. But, if there is more traffic to site and the program selected is as per the relevance of your web or blog content then it can bring numerous opportunities of earning more through it.

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Friday, 18 March 2016

The List Of 100 Websites Which Pay $100-$500 Per Article For FreelanceContent Writers

“Writers can earn more,” this is what I always say whenever any content writer approach me to know more of how to earn through writing online. Gone are the days when the resources for the writers or to be more precise true earning resources for the writers online were few but now we have got so many organizations which pay freelance content writers the amount they deserve per article that is around $100-$500 per article or in some extremely rare cases $1000 per article. Trust me, this is no joke.

Here, I have got the list of some of the websites which pay content writers $100-$500. So, do not wait. If you have got the flair for writing then just reach one of these sites, try to know more of what they want, see sample articles on their sites and write an interesting article and submit to earn money through writing.

Bird Channel

This is one of the most popular sites, dedicated for all those who love ornithology. Sorry to confuse you. In simple language, it is for bird lovers. The writers are requested to write eight hundred to two thousand word article. Writers who provide images, color slides and other professional illustrations would get an added advantage. Topics related to grooming, nutrition, health, caring, management, training etc can be submitted. A little humour is what they may also accept but less frequently.  For smaller features (of about 1000 words or even less) writers can expect $100-$200 and for longer features (of about 1500-2500 words), $300-$400 (do not forget to attach relevant photographs).


Can you come up with interesting lists like Top Ten Weird Assumptions, Top Ten Amusing Things Which Monkeys Like, Top Ten Strange Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays, Top Ten Beautiful Birds in Ireland etc. These are the types of the lists which the site accepts. If you can create an interesting list then do not wait. Submit the list and get paid $100. The write-up should consists of 1500 words. Any article that is lower than the mentioned word count may not get submitted. Only in rare cases, that they may accept it if represents the list in the most attractive and convincing way.


It is a publishing group, always on the lookout for experienced, skilled writers who can write stories with correct combination of fun and facts, stories which reflect local life, communities. As a freelance content writer, one can earn $150-$350 for an article of about 1000-2500 words (Another site that is more like it is Currently, the site is not accepting the articles from the freelance content writers but three is nothing wrong in visiting the site time and again to know of the updates. They can ask for contribution anytime. So, focus on it too).

Earth Island Journal

This is for those writers who are drawn more towards ecosystem, everything about earth, life on earth, environmental issues, climate, energy, survival, wildlife. The content writers are requested to write compelling, thought-provoking stories, present issues in articles which might increase general awareness about the most pressing issues. Writers can get 25 Cents / word (for shorter and longer dispatches of about 1200 to 1500 words or 2500 to 3000 words). For in-depth feature story, writers can earn around $750-$1000. For all those who want to submit an interesting report can expect to receive $50-$100.


For content writers who have got expertise in writing articles on anything related to ecommerce can certainly make huge amount of money through this site. Pick anything interested related to ecommerce, online shopping (e-cart, online shopping tips, ecommerce software, shipping or logistics solutions etc) and write a compelling, more entertaining write-up to get paid from $75-$150 for an article.


It is for the freelance content writers who can write interesting articles on Code, Content Strategy, Design, Industry and Business etc. Contributors will have to first submit a small draft. Be more explanatory why the articles deserves to be the on the site. If they like it then they may ask you to proceed further. Articles can have word count from 500-600, 600-1500, 1500-2500 etc. Submitters can expect to receive $50 to $200 per write-up.


Do you about Wordpress? Can you write awesome articles on anything connected to Wordpress Technology? IF the answer here is YES then this is certainly a great source to earn decent income online. Submit original, quality articles which talks of the Wordpress Technology and get paid $100 / article.


This is for travel writers. Before submitting any article, it is suggested that the interested writers should take a look at the type of content they require. It pays $50-$75 for website articles, $100-$150 for personal stories or interviews etc.

It is all about Human Resources. Generally, this site accepts articles written by someone who has got years of experience in Human Resources. The site clearly talks about it in its guidelines, how the profile of the submitters or the contributors should be. But, I feel that if you can write anything interesting then they might consider. It pays $150-$175 for an article.


This website is all about women health, pregnancy, childbirth, kids, relationships etc. Contributors can expect $100 per article.


This earning resource for the freelance content writers is all about work abroad, study, travel, intern living abroad. Just go through it and see if this matches your experience. If it really matches then it can fetch for you $50-$100 / original piece of writing.


This is all about technical writing. If you are a technical writer then this can become a great soruce of online income for you. The site accepts articles related to CSS, HTML. Pay is around $150.


AS it name would suggest, it is a site that is more like a tutorial. It features free flash projects. It is a site for the web designers. If you know more of how to write tutorials on flash, Animation, Flex, ActionScript etc then you can expect to get paid around $100-$150.

The GraphicDesignSchool

This is again for those who know more about designing. If you can write about designing concepts, tutorials in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc then you can get $100-$200.

Email me to receive the list of sites which pay $100-$500 for an article.

I am sorry but I would like to stop here. I want to save your time. Reading a lengthy article can sometimes be boring. I know this. Even sometimes, when I reach any site for information and find the site to be explaining the thing I want in 2000-10,000 words then I quit. Really, I quit reading or try to find some other site. So, I feel others do the same. So, I do not want to take much of your time.

Get the list of the earning resources for writers (sites which make it easier for the freelance content writers to get good, decent income online) today right in your inbox.   

I can share with you all the sites which pay $100-$500 or even $1000 for an article. Just send email me to I will respond to you within 6-12 hours (but sometimes, when I have to reply a large number of my blog followers or readers then I may take 24 hours or so. But, trust me. You are going to get reply from me. Your wait will be worth more than you can even think of.

Can’t I find it on my own?

Well, you can find but the lists of sites which no longer pay you that money or sites that offer fake promises. If you want to take the chance then it is OK. But if you want to get reliable list of the websites which really offer big bucks then email me today. Waiting for your email. Take care. Thanks a lot.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

List Of Wordpress Plugins Used By Search Engine Journal

Wordpress Plugins on Search Engine Journal

I frequently visit the site: Search Engine Journal. Like millions of other subscribers, I am also one of those who wants to know everything that is there about Search Engine Optimization, Google and other search engines, search engine marketing, social media and many other inter connected marketing and business ideas. I must say the site has undergone many changes since the time it was launched in the year 2003. The site serves millions of passionate technocrats, techies, digital marketing strategies, seo experts, reputation management professionals etc across the globe. The site is awesome, people working on it are awesome.

One day, when I was reading one of the articles on the sites, I wonder what Wordpress plugins this site must be using. Because, 99 times out of 100, site performs well when the selected Wordpress Plugins are good. A plugin that is good really makes it simple for the webmasters to run their sites smoothly. No glitches. No trouble.  So, I decided to know more about the Wordpress plugins the site is using.

First, I tried to know of through code. Page inspection. But, that didn’t work. I tried to know more about through some resources which made me come closer to some conclusion that YES the site has got so and so plugins but then one day, all of a sudden, I come across a post on the site which talks about the free and paid Wordpress plugins used by the site.

Let me tell you that the site uses both free and paid plugins. The moment anyone lands on the site, the plugin that attracts the attention is “Add To Any Share Buttons.” Yes, it is very common. Good too. That is why the site uses it.  It allows users to share web pages on social sites (F/T/G+/Link/Pinterest, WhatsApp and other social platforms etc).

List of the Wordpress Plugins used by Search Engine Journal

(1) Official Alexa Wordpress Plugin (2) ShortPixel Image Optimizer (3) Swiftype Search (4) Yoast SEO (5) PopUp Pro (6) Google Analytics by Yoast (7) jQuery Pin It Button for Images (8) WP (for auto generating short links) (9) Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (10) TinyMCE Spellcheck (checks spell, style, grammar) (11) BuySellAds (for ads) (12) Blubrry PowerPress is a podcasting plugin (13) Disqus Comment System (14) Login reCAPTCHA (15) Contact Form 7 – Free (for management of the contact form).

So that is the list of the Wordpress Plugins which makes this search engine journal site simply awesome… cool.

Why did I post it on the blog here? What is the purpose?

The reason of it is very simple. I want every bloggers to analyze what Wordpress plugins they are using and the results they are getting. It is always a good thing to follow one of the supreme leaders in the market and search engine journal is one of them. It is an authoritative site. Following in the footsteps can make it easier to achieve success. I personally feel, any blogger who uses these plugins can ultimately reach deserving heights .

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How seo-friendly website design should be?

All About SEO Friendly Web Design 

A website with good position in search engines brings new customers, increases sales whereas a website that is not being optimized smartly enough will not show itself up in search results, will not help in any way to get connected to new customers, will not increase sales. That is the importance of seo. If you have a business site then it should be optimized flawlessly well otherwise there will be no benefit of being online. So, in today’s article, we are going to talk about how website should be as per search engine optimization (seo-friendly website design tips and tricks). I must say at the outset itself that making a site seo-friendly should not take the attention away from the real users – prospective customers. There should be right balance between seo-based website design and the web design for the end-users.

Designing Website As Per SEO

I have listed down a few proven tips which might help you get a site that is as per the rules of search engine optimization. Oh, sorry, to say, there are no rules when it comes to designing because innovativeness is the key to eye-catching designs but still, to make the site do well in search engines adding seo features is needed. In fact, this becomes a rule.

Anyone who is designing the site needs to focus on following tips. I am sure, any website designer who may implement these seo-friendly website designing tips is surely going to get a website that is liked by Google. And I must say if the site is liked by Google then success is just near.

Listed below are some proven seo tips from experts on SEO friendly website designing. A web designer should pay close attention to these so as to come up with a nice search engine friendly website:


Let us first talk about the menu. The position of menu that can be perfect for seo web design is still a debate for experts and with the mobile design (that is hamburger menu where pages are hidden under it) selecting the right place for it has become more complex. I would suggest sticking to traditional menu style that is menu in the header region is a right thing. You can change its place too from top to right-hand or left-hand side bar but do not try to be more decorative with smaller icons for each type of pages in the menu.

Images / Infographics

Use of unnecessary images or big infographics might not be suitable for seo. Besides, sites take more time when there are more images, videos or infographics (of course, site’s loading time depends upon a number of other factors such as server response and others but still, one of the major reasons as analysed the webmasters is the use of big-sized images, infographics or lengthy videos). So, if possible, try to make use of less number of images. It is good to use wherever required but do not forget to add Alt+Tag for the images, infographics, videos and respective descriptions etc.

Website Pages

Each webpage should be created with due importance to Title, Description Tags, Relevant Keywords. Web pages without seo-friendly title, description and with no relevant keywords in the content do not perform well. In fact, they do not show up anywhere. Therefore, it is important to know more of the keywords to be included into the title, description etc. Carry out the research and know more of the competitor’s strategies too so that you can include keywords that best match the industry and which can bring for you good results.

Content on Pages

Creating the content as per the most relevant keywords is the backbone of the seo-friendly website. If the content is not good then the site might not do the expected work. Surely, there will be no position in Google. So, focus on getting the content written by expert seo content writers who have got years of experience in writing quality content. Here, it is important not to load the content with plenty of short and long-tail keywords. Be smart enough to make use of them (use of 5-6 keywords will be more than enough in a page content of about 400-500 words).

Designing content is not recommended

I have seen many sites where designers try to present content in design form. Meaning, they design important phrases taken from the content. Of course, they do this to attract the attention of the visitors but this leads to addition of images on the page. Converting important phrases or minor or major parts of the content into images or infographics will certainly make the site look good but may not proof to be effective from seo point of view.

Header Tags

Google give importance to header tags so do not skip adding h1, h2 or h3. And to make the design look better, try to format the tags so that they all look the same (in terms of font size, color-combination, background etc).

Adding Flash / JQuery / Graphics

Use of Flash / JQuery / Graphics can certainly make site look awesome but loading with site heavily with it is not good. This is not read by Google. And apart from this, this leads to decrease in loading speed. So, my advice is this: Do not use flash or JQuery but if it is really needed to attract the customers then do so by minifying its effect through right tags, making it not so big.

Interlinking is important

Interlink each and every web page of the site. Do not think it is not necessary. It is very important as this creates a web-like structure of the site – one page linking to the other and so on. Thereby, all the pages will be interconnected well.

No Frames

Do not make use of frames as this might pose difficulties for the search engines to crawl effectively. Adding this might lead to unsuccessful indexing by the search engine.

No tables, please

Of course, it is not recommended to add tables. Layout should be simple with not so many tables. In fact, the use of tables has already gone down but still some designers who focus on basic web design feel they can use them.

Page Size Matters

Try to reduce the page size as this might help search engine crawl site more easily. Use right external Java Script or other Cascading Style Sheets to effectively decrease the size of the page. Doing so, will increase the downloading time and will make search engines index site at a faster speed.

Standard Coding

Use standard HTML. Be careful, if the site is being designed using software such as DreamWeaver WYSIWYG Editor, FrontPage etc as these software may lead to addition of some useless code as well. The addition of useless codes will make the bigger than it should be and also makes it tough for the spider to index it the right way. I must say this too that these software can ad even such codes which are difficult for the search engine to read therefore, when using of these software for the website designing purpose then be careful to check the coding before making the site live.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Adding Knowledge Graph to Google - How to customize Knowledge Graphprovided by Google for your business?

Help Google Understand What To Include In Knowledge Graph of Your Business

Today, we are going to learn something about Knowledge Graph. Every website should have a perfect Knowledge Graph (KG) as this will create a good impression on prospective customers who may search in Google using the website name. I will tell you how to make Google give perfect KG for your business site. It is all very simple. It will take just a bit of coding. Anyone with basic knowledge of coding can do it.

What actually is a knowledge graph?

Before we delve deeper into how to make Google give KG of your website let us understand what this is all about. KG is a Google’s knowledge base, implemented by Google in the year 2012. This is to enhance the search results, provide searchers information at a glance about anything they may search for. It appears on right hand side. Just take a look at KG provided by Google when you search for an IT firm – Cognizant.

Here, you can see the information on Cognizant has been taken from various sources. First, its Wikipedia Page appears on the top with Logo, then some important information related to stocks, ceo, founder, revenue, headquarters, net income, founders, and subsidiaries. At the end, we find sites - Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

But when you search for another IT company that is Amazon India then you will find not such results. Take a look at the screenshot given below.

Here, this can’t be considered a complete knowledge graph by Google. In fact, it is a Map Result. The data has been collected from Google My Business on Map.

Even if business owners do not focus on adding or customizing their KG, sill Google can fetch the information from various sources to show in its results. However, it would be better if the business owners make these efforts simpler for the search engine by adding some simple codes in their site (customizing the information as required).

Customizing Knowledge Graph (KG) Results by Google

Business owners have the chance to customize what KG the search engine should display for their business. They can customize the data by adding Structured Data Markup to their site. The information that can be added include  Company Logo, Contact Numbers, Social Links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest or any other social link).

How to add logo to Knowledge Graph by Google?

Business owners can easily specify which image the search engine should use as its logo to display in the KG results. Just add organization markup to the site. Just take a look at the code given below.

<script type="application/ld+json">


      "@context": "",

      "@type": "organization",

      "url": "your website url",

      "logo": "image url here"



I know you would like to increase traffic to your site. So, go ahead. Click on the our latest articles:

How to add corporate contacts to KG by Google?

To add corporate contacts to knowledge graph by Google, make use of corporate contact markup on the site. Business owners have the choice to make use of various entities such customer service, technical support number etc.

Simple code goes like this:

<script type="application/ld+json">


  "@context" : "",

  "@type" : "enter the name of the organization here",

  "url" : "enter company url",

  "contactPoint" : [{

    "@type" : "ContactPoint",

    "telephone" : "enter telephone number here",




How to add social profiles to KG?

Make use of social structured data markup. Business owners have the option to add social links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Tumbler etc.

The script goes like this:

<script type="application/ld+json">


  "@context" : "",

  "@type" : "Organization",

  "name" : "name of the company goes here",

  "url" : “website address here",

  "sameAs" : [

    "link to facebook profile",

    "link to twitter profile",

    "link to google plus"

    "link to linkedin account"

    "link to pinterest account"

    "link to youtube account"

    "link to any other social site"




And once, when you add the codes to your website, verify whether the codes have been rightly implemented or not. Testing the structured data here.

Does this KG help improve Onsite SEO?

Really sorry to say but this doesn’t help at all. It is just to make the searchers get the information they may require without having to look for it anywhere. Sites which display this data provide their prospective customers the information they may need in nutshell. With social profiles at the end, business owners help their prospective customers to get connected more easily.

SEO for your site

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How an Ecommerce Website can help win new customers online?

Ecommerce Website - Why merchants, sellers, wholesalers need one?

Today, ecommerce is a burgeoning industry with more and more people getting addicted to online shopping. We find people who indulge in shopping online which has given non-internet business owners a reason to come online and be a part of the growing ecommerce industry. Sellers who are running small shop in their local area can have the opportunity to sell throughout the country with an ecommerce site. Yes, that is the power of e-commerce site. It empowers businesses, help reach new customers, increases sales. But, how the eCommerce website should be? What is the best platform for the online store? What is the cost-effective way to get the site done as per the business ideas? How to find the best ecommerce developers? These are the few questions which I am going to answer in today’ article.

How my ecommerce website should be?

Often, entrepreneurs who look forward to establish their ecommerce site have this question on their mind. They want to know how their site should be so that they do not lag behind others. My answer to this question is this: “sorry, there is no simple answer for this.” Please, do not get me wrong. I have spoken the truth here. The thing is if you take a look at the big e-commerce players in the industry such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc then you will come to know that they keep bringing changes in the way they present the products on their site. They continuously look for something new to make products more and more attractive. Of course, they are the big players and they can afford to spend money on designing and re-designing but what about small companies or startups who are just venturing into this world of online shopping to make some more profit? Well, I suggest you look for simple design. Do not just clutter the site with all products. Make beginning simple. Focus on products which you would like to sell the most. Get them arranged in the right order with all zooming, 360° view and other social features so that users can click on to see the image of the product well, view it from all sides and if possible email to friends or share it on their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc.

Which ecommerce platform is best for my site?

There are various ecommerce platforms such as PrestaShop, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, WooCommerce, LemonStand, SquareSpace, BigCartel, EcWid, SellBeing, SpreeCommerce, Merchium, WordpressCommerce, Yola, Wazala, AbleCommerce, AShop, CS-Cart, InterShop, Kalio, MoonFruit and many other. The list is certainly very big. To select the best is a bit difficult because each one of these platforms has got something unique. But still, I would suggest ecommerce platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, Wordpress Commerce and Shopify. These three, in my view, are the best which can offer great benefits.

Ecommerce site design and development

A step towards creating a beautiful ecommerce site should begin with clear-cut knowledge of what can be the best for your site – in terms of technology, price etc.

If you want your small shop to turn into a big one then why wait? Take help of the ecommerce firm which can design and develop beautiful e-commerce site that represent your business in the most professional way. Remember, it is certainly not needed that you pay more than $ 500-1000 for your project (Often, charges are in between $500-1000 but this might increase as well if there are more number of pages, products or other special features but for the basic online shop paying more than $500-1000 would mean you have been charged higher for the site).

Getting a site that is customized is very important. Talk to your e-commerce vendor and let know what you actually want, how the design should be, what functionality should there be etc. The more you communicate, the better the results are.

Allow the team to come up with suggestions or recommendations too.

It is always recommended that the ecommerce site which you desire to get built should be designed and developed only by the expert. For instance, Magento Certified Developers can do the best job when it comes to designing and developing any type of Magento-based ecommerce site.

SEO Aspects

SEO for an ecommerce site is going to be different from seo that is of other business site. The platform you are using should have these in-built seo features to optimize products or products lists. A site that is not properly optimized will yield no better results. Therefore, always make sure that all pages of the site are optimized in accordance to latest SEO techniques.

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Friday, 11 March 2016

How to make 100$ with just one single article?

Make Money Online by Writing

Do you have flair for writing? In quest of content writing jobs but have found nothing more rewarding? If YES then this article is for you. I have seen many writers complaining of less pay for the content they write. Generally, for freelance content writers, sites like, etc offer content writing projects but the pay is always less. For one project, there can be many content writers. They bid and often the employer choose the one who bids less and promises of high quality content. Such sites are really money making resources for the writers but really do not seem to rate the talent and pay as per the skills of the writers.

Making 100$ for single article

More often, employers who hire content writers pay hourly, as per word-count, project-basis etc. Hourly rates vary from $30-$100.  Experienced writers may charge even more than this. And for articles which depend on word quantity, charges go like these: $3-5 for 300-500 words, $8-10 for 1000 words etc. Those who outsource the job of content writing of their complete site (15-20 pages site) show willingness to pay around $50-60 only. So, if this is the present state of content writing jobs then how can it be possible to get paid $100 for a single article?

I tell you how to make $100 by writing just one article. Recently, when I was searching for money making sites, I came across a site for writers called ListVerse. An amazing site which provides $100 for an article. Yes, that is true. $100 for an article of about 1500 words. The amount is certainly greater than what content writers might get when they work on any of the projects through or etc.

About ListVerse

The website is all about the top ten lists. Yes, it is for the explorers who are looking for the top ten lists on subjects related to Gaming, Movies, Music or anything that is bizarre, creepy, mysterious, weird etc. It talks about lifestyle (food, health, sport, travel), science (flora, fauna, humans, technology), society (crime, politics, religion) and much more. The site publishes 3 or sometimes more than 3 interesting articles (of course, submitted by one of the writers like you). Articles that are packed full of fascinating facts.  It serves over thirty million pages a month to more than 8 million readers across the globe. It has been featured on Radio Scotland, BBC Radio and Television, Alabama Radio, Gizmodo, PBS and in the New York Times. Jamie Frater is the director, founder of the site.

What content writers can write?

They can write anything they want. But, bear in mind the article should follow the style of the existing articles. Write and send lists (for instance, there should be at least ten things for instance, ten best recipes for weight loss, ten weird creatures on earth, ten weird stories about aliens that can be true, ten strange hybrids scientists fear will dominate the world, 10 incredibly strange but effective mind refreshing ideas etc). For ideas about how the title should be, please, look at the articles already present on the site. Based on the lists, creating one’s own list will not be difficult.

So, this means the writer should be an expert?

No necessary. Anyone can write. The site says “you don’t have to be an expert. Good English is enough. Add a little bit of one’s own flavour of writing, sense of humour. That is all.”

How it works?

Well, first pick the subject. It should be unique. Should not match with any of the titles that are already there on the site. Do a bit of research and compile the list. The word-count should be around 1500 words (the more, the better). When it is completed email it to the team at ListVerse. There is a small form. Need to send the content through the form. Give details about you and your account (PayPal account or Bitcoin) in the box called “Author Blurb.” If the article is liked by the team then the amount will get credited into the account and will receive an email too saying that the article has been accepted but if the article is not liked by the team then reply with sorry may land into your inbox.

Are there any rules?

Rules exist but they are simple. Content writers really do not have to worry too much over the same. The article should consists of 1500 words (article with less word count may not get accepted. In some cases, it is also possible to receive an email from the editorial team to increase the word-length, if it is not around 1500 words). It should be verifiable, meaning, if it talks about ten weird animals then the list should be of the weird animals not that of common zoo park animals. They ask for verifiable content because they link to other reputable resources.

Do content writers have to send relevant images or videos?

Well, this is not required. They have a team which work on collecting or creating relevant images and videos. However, if anyone would like to submit some relevant images or videos then they are welcomed to do so. The editorial team might edit them to make them look more awesome. Writers are required to send only urls of the video or the images (YouTube or image gallery).

Option of branding

The best thing about the site is it offers opportunities of branding. For bloggers, it can certainly be amazing. They can send an article to get a quality backlink as the site honours writers. Blog or twitter account of the sender will be attached at the bottom of the article.

How much time will it take to get my money?

As soon as you submit the article, the editorial team will plunge into action. They will read, check for quality and if it is OK then will send the email to you to let you know that the articles has been selected. And once published, the amount will be credited into the PayPal or Bitcoin account.

If once, my article gets selected then can I send other articles and get paid the same $100 / article?

Yes, you can but I would suggest wait for at least a few weeks to pass by. Focus only on quality and come up with something interesting so that every submission should bring for you $100. Make sure you check the author guide before submitting the content.

Payment Guarantee

I am sorry to say but the site doesn’t show any testimonials - list of the writers who have contributed and got paid. There can be many reasons for this but one simple reason I understand is perhaps the site doesn’t want to promote itself as just for the content writers. But, it is worth trying.

So, do not wait. It is time to earn $100 for a single article. I do not think there can be any better way.

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How underestimating the importance of quality web content can lead todecrease in sales?

Why taking Content Writing Services is essential?

Going online with a website is really a great thing but do you content of the site matters too and sometimes more than the design of the site? Nine out of ten, business owners give importance to just the look and feel of the site. They look for the website designers and developers. Search frantically. Do not just settle down until they find the best. They google out, use references, take suggestions and recommendations and eventually find who they want. The best website design and development firm from their local city. Great!!!

The work seems to get done well. The site goes live. The design looks awesome. Business owners feels like they have done everything that is required to bring customers online but slowly as things would open up, sales do not occur. Website owners try to find the reason for it. Analysts come up with the reports. They data reveals the sites’ awesome position in Google. Terrific Traffic from almost all targeted cities but why there are no sales?

They do not focus much on the content. They feel, it can be done by anyone. Most of the entrepreneurs themselves sit and write content for their website. They feel no one can explain better than themselves (as they feel that they know more about their business). And sometimes, business owners entrust this work to someone at the office who holds good command over the language. This seems to work. But the realty turn out to be terrible -The content on the site fails to make a good impression, doesn’t convince the visitors.

Why hiring Content Writers is important?

Hiring the content writers is profitable move.

Hiring experienced content writers (such as Content Writers in Hyderabad, India can help project business in the right way. Skilled writers know how to attract the visitors, incorporate that sales technique in the content which work well. If you are a startup and looking forward to get your site developed then it is imperative to look for one of the expert content writers too who can understand business and present it in the most professional way. Just think of it, if the website content written by a professional content writer can attract the prospective customers who may stumble upon your site and keep them engaged for long then will this not lead to increase in sales? There are 100% chances of sales getting increased.

How to hire a content writer?

Hiring content in the past was a difficult task but now this has become so simple. Now, entrepreneurs do not have to toil much. They can get in touch experienced content writers they want without having to advertise for the same.

Search through Google

Content Writing For Websites, SEO Articles, Blogs, Press Releases etc have become big business today. We find so many companies with small budget jumping into this sector of business. So, this means, search through google can bring for you so many results. Just search through Google “Content Writers” and you will get the list of the experts from your local city. You can use other popular keywords such as Content Writing Services, Website Content Writers, Copywriters, SEO Article Writers etc. Searchers also have the option to localize their search by adding the name of the city or state such as Content Writers in Melbourne, Content Writing Services Perth etc. Entrepreneurs can contact one of the best companies (do not forget to look at the portfolio, visit the sites they have written for and judge for yourself first) and get the content written.

Hiring Freelancers

There are many sites where we can find a number of freelancers. Sites such as,, ContentMart etc. These are the sites where business owners have the option to post their requirements and get their work done. It is so simple. Here, at sites mentioned above content writers compete to get the project. So, possibilities of hiring the right one numbered in hundred.


Who doesn’t know about LinkedIn? It is a network of professionals from almost all sphere of business. So, won’t business owners find it easy to get connected to one of the experienced content writers, copywriters? It is possible. Just search through the search box. Send InMail or look at the contact details. Some profiles show contact details too. Email or call to get in touch with them.

Google Plus Communities

I have seen, there are so many communities on Google Plus. It is fast becoming a network for professionals. So, here are chances to find one of the expert writers.

Using Facebook

Posting requirement about content writer on Facebook can make search for the website content writer simple. Just make the post interesting. Do not just treat it as a job portal. Make it friendlier so that you can get quick responses.

Job Portals

Job portals are right places to advertise but it is for those enterprises who are looking for full-time content writers or part-time content writers. But posting on job sites to hire a content writer to get done one-time requirements is not recommended.

How content writers can help?

  • To get more professional content

  • To attract, engage prospective customers / visitors

  • To reduce the work load

  • Hiring them reduce headache, provide peace of mind, surety of quality content

  • To fulfil on and off content requirements.

  • To save time (so to focus on other important business processes)

  • To run blog (for bloggers who are running Adsense or other money-making programs)

  • To provide assistance to seo guys (through seo articles, press releases, or other seo related content)

  • To promote businesses on social media through social and engaging content
What are the ingredients of great content?

Content writing is an art. But not all can become content artists. It is a different kind of art where words create magical effect on people who read it. And anyone who reads something written by such a true content artist, is sure to get attracted.

No Plagiarism

The first thing that is of great importance is originality. If you have got a website or blog which shows copied content then even Google may not show preference to it. To be more precise, sites which have copied content do not even show up well in search results. And when the website owners (copyright owners of the content) make Google know about it then Google might hit them hard (and if such sites are running ads by Google then this will cost them their Adsense Account. It will get cancelled). So, focus on getting content that is original. It should not have any type of plagiarism, not even incidental plagiarism (copy-paste words or phrases).

Reflecting business goal

The content of the website should reflect the goal. IT should be written with one purpose that is to achieve the goal. If this ingredient goes missing in the content then investment will go waste. So, be sure to hire a content writer who can understand more about your business and write as per the expectations and requirements.

One small tip: When you get in touch with any web writer then ask them have they written anything on the type of content you require. If your business is related to fishery then the content writer who knows more about will be able to give the best content. Ask for the references, has he or she done any project that is more or less related to your project? Knowing these things will assure of receiving quality content services.


The content for websites, brochures, blogs, seo articles, press releases etc should be simple with no difficult words. Sometimes, in order to make good impression, some writers (especially those who have recently started their career in writing) make use of words which necessitate the use of dictionary. Difficult words will spoil the flow of understanding and people may not show interest in reading such stuff. Therefore, it is necessary to have content written in simple words – but should be effective and magical. Here, comes the real experience of the content writer – present business in easy and simple words but should have inherent magical quality.

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