Local SEO Tips – Optimizing Business Site Locally

How can you do local SEO for your business website?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about optimizing the site for good local search results. It is process in which the site is optimized within a limited geographical area. For instance, local business owners who provide services within a small city, state or region can optimize their website to get connected to local customers in that respective city, state or region. So, is local seo difficult to implement? Do I have to look for seo service provider who can optimize the site for better local search results? Well, I would say, no. You do not have to hire an SEO professional or a team for that.


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The List Of 100 Websites Which Pay $100-$500 Per Article For Freelance Content Writers

how can writers earn online through writing

“Writers can earn more,” this is what I always say whenever any content writer approach me to know more of how to earn through writing online. Gone are the days when the resources for the writers or to be more precise true earning resources for the writers online were few but now we have got so many organizations which pay freelance content writers the amount they deserve per article that is around $100-$500 per article or in some extremely rare cases $1000 per article. Trust me, this is no joke. (more…)

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List Of WordPress Plugins Used By Search Engine Journal

what wordpress plugins are used by swj

WordPress Plugins on Search Engine Journal

I frequently visit the site: Search Engine Journal. Like millions of other subscribers, I am also one of those who wants to know everything that is there about Search Engine Optimization, Google and other search engines, search engine marketing, social media and many other inter connected marketing and business ideas. I must say the site has undergone many changes since the time it was launched in the year 2003. The site serves millions of passionate technocrats, techies, digital marketing strategies, seo experts, reputation management professionals etc across the globe. The site is awesome, people working on it are awesome. (more…)

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How seo-friendly website design should be?

All about SEO-Friendly Website Designing

A website with good position in search engines brings new customers, increases sales whereas a website that is not being optimized smartly enough will not show itself up in search results, will not help in any way to get connected to new customers, will not increase sales. That is the importance of seo. If you have a business site then it should be optimized flawlessly well otherwise there will be no benefit of being online. So, in today’s article, we are going to talk about how website should be as per search engine optimization (seo-friendly website design tips and tricks). I must say at the outset itself that making a site seo-friendly should not take the attention away from the real users – prospective customers. There should be right balance between seo-based website design and the web design for the end-users. (more…)

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Adding Knowledge Graph to Google – How to customize Knowledge Graph provided by Google for your business?

Help Google Understand What To Include In Knowledge Graph of Your Business

Today, we are going to learn something about Knowledge Graph. Every website should have a perfect Knowledge Graph (KG) as this will create a good impression on prospective customers who may search in Google using the website name. I will tell you how to make Google give perfect KG for your business site. It is all very simple. It will take just a bit of coding. Anyone with basic knowledge of coding can do it. (more…)

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How an Ecommerce Website can help win new customers online?

Ecommerce Website – Why merchants, sellers, wholesalers need one?

Today, ecommerce is a burgeoning industry with more and more people getting addicted to online shopping. We find people who indulge in shopping online which has given non-internet business owners a reason to come online and be a part of the growing ecommerce industry. Sellers who are running small shop in their local area can have the opportunity to sell throughout the country with an ecommerce site. Yes, that is the power of e-commerce site. It empowers businesses, help reach new customers, increases sales. But, how the eCommerce website should be? What is the best platform for the online store? What is the cost-effective way to get the site done as per the business ideas? How to find the best ecommerce developers? These are the few questions which I am going to answer in today’ article. (more…)

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How to make 100$ with just one single article?

Make Money Online by Writing

Do you have flair for writing? In quest of content writing jobs but have found nothing more rewarding? If YES then this article is for you. I have seen many writers complaining of less pay for the content they write. Generally, for freelance content writers, sites like ODesk.com, Freelancer.com etc offer content writing projects but the pay is always less. For one project, there can be many content writers. They bid and often the employer choose the one who bids less and promises of high quality content. Such sites are really money making resources for the writers but really do not seem to rate the talent and pay as per the skills of the writers. (more…)

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How underestimating the importance of quality web content can lead to decrease in sales?

Why taking Content Writing Services is essential?

Going online with a website is really a great thing but do you content of the site matters too and sometimes more than the design of the site? Nine out of ten, business owners give importance to just the look and feel of the site. They look for the website designers and developers. Search frantically. Do not just settle down until they find the best. They google out, use references, take suggestions and recommendations and eventually find who they want. The best website design and development firm from their local city. Great!!! (more…)

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What can you do to fix your WordPress site if it gets de-indexed from Google? Why Google may de-index sites?

Fixing WordPress Sites to get indexed by Google

Traffic to your blog through search engines is the best traffic. And if the site gets de-indexed from search engines then this might have detrimental affect not just on the daily traffic but on health of the site too. In this article, I am going to tell my WordPress bloggers or site owners what they can do if they if their site has got de-indexed from Google. There are surefire ways to resolve this issue and I am going to tell how to do it. (more…)

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